Women Need to Talk About Money

Ladies, we need to talk. We need to talk about money. I don’t mean we do more sharing about the great deals you got at Kohl’s (30% off! And I had KohlsCash!). I’m saying we need to be more open about salaries and wealth. Women need to talk about money.

The fact of the matter is that money is the last socially taboo topic. In a game of “Would You Rather”, 61% of women would rather talk about their own death than talk about their money. I’m a Millennial: we are pretty okay talking about religion, politics, and sex. But we still hesitate to talk money. My peers are 3x as likely to talk about sex as talk about money.

It’s these kinds of views that hold women back from accumulating necessary wealth. The saying “Money is Power” has more than a kernel of truth to it, after all. And why shouldn’t we share our money experiences with one another? Since the days of our cave-dwelling ancestors, women have talked to each other to share survival tips. Our world may have changed, but our need for each other’s wisdom hasn’t.

Need someone to talk to about your money? I’m here for you.

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