Federal Student Loan Debtors: Right Now, You Have Options

Student debt. UGH. Approximately 42 million Americans owe the federal government money for an education. It’s been a big talking point of politicians for a while, because it takes a big chunk of money out of the direct economy. Thankfully, legislators recognized that Americans getting crushed by the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns would not also beContinue reading “Federal Student Loan Debtors: Right Now, You Have Options”

#MoneyMonday – Kicking the Student Debt Can

President Biden got right to work after his inauguration, signing 17 executive orders on his first day in office. One of those puts a further hold on federal student debt payments until September. It is heartening to read the words from the order, “borrowers of all ages are often faced with a tough tradeoff betweenContinue reading “#MoneyMonday – Kicking the Student Debt Can”