Woman Crush Wednesday: Change is Coming

Secretary of the Treasury (and all-around smarty pants badass) Janet Yellen is already making her mark at the US Mint. Madame Secretary is making changes to our change by releasing the first designs for the American Women Quarters program, which will honor 20 groundbreaking American ladies on US quarters minted between 2022 and 2025. TheContinue reading “Woman Crush Wednesday: Change is Coming”

This Bullshit is Old. And Yet it Still Stinks.

Welcome to Equal Pay Day 2021: the date marking how far into 2021 an average working woman needs before she earns the same as an average working man did during 2020. Overall, women make 82 cents to every white man’s dollar. That gap wides for BIPOC ladies: Latina’s average around 59 cents to each whiteContinue reading “This Bullshit is Old. And Yet it Still Stinks.”