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Here is the Valkyrie Financial story – the inspiration, the goal, and what keeps me motivated to serve Millennial clients – in 31 minutes on the Sole Source Podcast.

Sole Source is a podcast by Red Shoes Inc. that is made by women for women. It looks at the topics that are influencing women and the world they live in and they are shedding a light on those topics. It was great working with host Raquel Lamal. Give our conversation a listen on any device here:

If you’d rather watch the video of us talking, check out the YouTube recording here:

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Wisconsin CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and educator Sarah Paulson


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Although I’m a born-and-raised Wisconsinite – living in Appleton, Wisconsin –

I consider myself more of a world citizen.

True story: once when going through international customs in Amsterdam, the officers asked why they couldn’t find a Dutch residency permit in my American passport.

I bring a big world picture to my money management advice so you can view the wider world, too.

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