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Happy St. Patrick’s Day from this all-American mutt who has about 1/16th of Irish blood in her!

If you’ve watched some my Money Monday videos, it’s possible that you noticed I often wear a simple silver necklace. And, if you know me, you know I usually try to reserve “simple” for my explanations about financial topics and not for my outfits (sequins and bling, baby!). Yet this simple necklace has a very special meaning.

Super glamorous screenshot from a recent Money Monday video. Yes, I deliberately picked this picture.

Inscribed on the bar are the words “Lean do bhrionglóid”, which is Irish Gaelic for ” Follow your Dream”. I bought it the last time I was in Ireland. The message itself is special, but as someone who loves to travel, to learn about other cultures, and who especially loves Ireland, wearing it is a constant reminder of my dream to travel all over the world. Even more than letting me do what I love the most, I also want to encourage others to follow their dream — no matter what it is! — at all points in their life.

Young professionals today don’t have to accept the cycle of work-your-prime-years-away-and-enjoy-life-once-you’re-retired. There are so many ways to balance taking care of future you while still allowing yourself to live your dream now. It’s all about finding your balance.

Finding the balance is what I do as a financial advisor for each of my clients. Rather than imposing a strict set of rules, I work to find what motivates and clicks with each individual. And that can vary wildly from person to person. Hell, it can vary wildly within a married couple! It’s the personal in personal finance. We aren’t machines that can follow the same program. What energizes one person might make someone else want to puke.

Since money touches almost all of our decisions in some way, working with a financial advisor who gets you is important. I know I’m not everyone’s shot of Irish Whiskey (I’m definitely more fiery than a cup of tea. And who drinks tea on St. Patrick’s Day anyways??), but I’d love to help you Follow your Dream. Get started here:

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