“Money won’t make you happy?”

Well, it sure as hell ain’t gonna make you sad!

Sarah Paulson - Valkyrie Financial Planner Services
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It’s time to stop winging your finances and start wielding your wealth!

You were probably never taught how to really take care of your finances.

Which means that you are out there winging it.
(along with basically everyone else)

Sarah Paulson Valkyrie Wisconsin CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™
Winging it is great for a lot of things but…

When it comes to your money, winging it means you might be cheating yourself out of cold hard cash.


I bet you want the house and the cushy retirement savings…

am I right?


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Especially when you’ve never known how to take care of your finances

Having a financial expert guide could be the difference
in achieving your goals…
or not.

Whether it’s getting real about your income vs spending habits, evaluating your health insurance options, figuring out a debt repayment system, setting up an investment plan, or convincing you that you can rock a bold lip color.

Sure, there is a lot you can learn from the internet.
But the internet doesn’t know your personal situation.

Personal finance
is personal.

We’ve all read the comments from those self-righteous assholes who act like they know everything.

Why would you let a faceless stranger guide you and your money?
I may be strange 😉, but I won’t be a stranger.


I’m going to get to the heart
of what you want.

Personal Finance professional Sarah Paulson - Valkyrie Financial - Wisconsin

No number talk in our first meeting

CFP ® Sarah Paulson in Austin, TX - Financial professional

There’s not a financial advisor out there who can give you a good recommendation before they know you.

Together we’ll uncover what goals are most important to you. Only then will we take a look at your numbers.

Get to know your goals.

We’ll balance the what-you-have with the what-you-want.

From there, we’ll frolic down the yellow-brick road to the Emerald City of financial confidence based on what you need most.

There’s this weird and unspoken expectation that when it comes to money, you’re supposed to figure it out.

I’ve spent my entire adult life studying financial planning and I want to bring that knowledge to your life.

I’m also a fiduciary CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professional, which means I work in your best interests only. When I give a recommendation, I give it because it’s the best suggestion for your specific situation.

Norse mythology symbol

Choose your yellow-brick road

to the Emerald City of financial confidence!

Three subscription financial services available:


Starting at $200/mo.

The most intensive option, designed to cover every aspect of your financial life.

Spending, saving, debt pay-off, investing, you name it. We’ll break it down into easy-to-do steps together.

  • One-on-one call every month
  • Comprehensive, personalized financial planning
  • Appropriate investment accounts
  • Investment allocation education
  • Unlimited email and text access


Starting at $75/mo.

For the person who feels they have their financial basics under control, but wants an expert to keep them engaged and accountable.

We’ll dig a little deeper to make sure you’re set.

  • One-on-one call every 3 months
  • Accountability
  • Appropriate investment accounts
  • Investment allocation education
  • Unlimited email and text access

*Recommended after the monthly package.

Investment Only

1% of annual assets under management

Built specifically for anyone who has money they want to invest and needs somewhere (with someone who knows what they’re doing) to park it so it can continue to grow for you. Also great for retirement accounts from past jobs.

  • Annual one-on-one call
  • Investment allocation education
  • Periodic rebalancing
  • Unlimited email and text access

Let’s do this thing!

Ready to start your journey towards creating and wielding wealth?
Or have questions on which option is best for you? 

Helping you create and wield wealth

Sarah Paulson - Wisconsin CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER Professional™

Ok, but you may be wondering…

Q: Where will we meet?

Meetings are usually held over Zoom. Since talking about money can be an uncomfortable experience, I want you to be able to physically be in a space that makes you comfortable.

Learn why →

Q: My mom told me to never trust a stranger on the internet. What if I want to meet you in person?

If you want to see if we vibe face-to-face, we can get together at a coffee shop or wine bar. In my past life, I always hated that coming into the office was such a big deal for clients; the goal with Valkyrie is to make things less formal.

Q: What kind of topics will we be talking about?

Pretty much any topic with a dollar sign is up for discussion. I’ll clearly tell you if something falls outside of my expertise. But to get your wheels turning, here’s a list of what we can cover: Spending Plans (aka Budging) & Cash Flow, Debt Management, Insurance (both Health & Life Insurance), Employee Benefits, Estate Planning considerations, Investment Advice

Q: I have a retirement account through my job, can you help me with that?

While I can’t manage your current 401(k)/403(b)/name-your-job’s-retirement-account-here, I can help you figure out what investments might be right for you.

Q: How do you get paid?

A: I don’t believe in commissions. To me, commissions create an inevitable conflict of interest. The only money I make “off” of you, is either your monthly subscription or monthly investment cost


I believe that no matter how much money you have (or don’t have), you should be able to get good, personalized financial planning services.


Valkyrie Financial logomark

I’m a fee-only advisor.

I refuse to be paid by anyone but you.

No commissions.
No sneaky kick-backs.
No questions.


Are you curious about how this works and want to know more? 

It’s free. You can ask questions and we’ll get to know each other.

Sarah Paulson - Wisconsin fee based fiduciary financial advisor

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