Cost of Thanksgiving 2021

Everything is expensive this year. The pandemic has messed with supply chains and we’re going to feel the effects rippling through for a long time. Thanksgiving dinner is no different. According to the American Farm Bureau, the cost of feeding a family of 10 is going to be 14% more expensive than it was lastContinue reading “Cost of Thanksgiving 2021”

Get Ready for Revenge Spending

Let’s get ready to SPENNNDDDDDD! I hope you read that title in your best wrestle-mania announcer voice, because that’s the level of hype economists are expecting. Get ready to hear the phrase “Revenge Spending” as we all emerge from wherever we’ve been hiding over the past year-and-a-half. After not being able to do much, thereContinue reading “Get Ready for Revenge Spending”

Amazon Addiction

Who swears by their Amazon Prime account? If you’re in the club (I can honestly say I’m not. Weird, I know), you’re in very good company. Outgoing CEO Jeff Bezos published his letter to shareholders last week and — no huge surprise here — noted that Prime subscription grew remarkably over the past year, thanksContinue reading “Amazon Addiction”

How are We Going to Pay for This?

President Biden announced his proposal to update the US’s infrastructure in what he is calling a “once in a generation” plan to spend approximately $2 trillion over the next 8 years (although I think it is worth noting the American Society of Engineers estimates we’ll need $2.6 trillion just to maintain current trends). This infrastructureContinue reading “How are We Going to Pay for This?”