How are We Going to Pay for This?

President Biden announced his proposal to update the US’s infrastructure in what he is calling a “once in a generation” plan to spend approximately $2 trillion over the next 8 years (although I think it is worth noting the American Society of Engineers estimates we’ll need $2.6 trillion just to maintain current trends). This infrastructureContinue reading “How are We Going to Pay for This?”

Lift up your Mojitos ‘Cause She Manages the Mint!

On Monday Dr. Janet Yellen was confirmed by the Senate as the first woman in our nation’s 245 year history to be Secretary of the Treasury (a job many of us now know was first done by Alexander Hamilton, thank you musical theater). After I celebrated her nomination on Facebook, it was brought to myContinue reading “Lift up your Mojitos ‘Cause She Manages the Mint!”