What I’m thinkin’ about

Some nights I lie awake and think about the economy and financial strategies.

Other nights I try to remember all the words to “Baby Got Back”.

(There’s no in between.)

4 Money Tips You Don’t Want to Hear … But Need To

4 Money Tips You Don’t Want to Hear … But Need To

Having "enough" money is the gateway to living your most magical life. It's the key to paradise. The holy grail, if you will. Having enough money is something a lot of people don't really believe they can achieve. Except having enough money is totally achievable. It's...

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On those nights I lie awake pondering money, I try to share those ramblings here

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Wisconsin CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and educator Sarah Paulson


Meet Sarah Paulson, your

Although I’m a born-and-raised Wisconsinite – living in Appleton, Wisconsin –

I consider myself more of a world citizen.

True story: once when going through international customs in Amsterdam, the officers asked why they couldn’t find a Dutch residency permit in my American passport.

I bring a big world picture to my money management advice so you can view the wider world, too.

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