Lift up your Mojitos ‘Cause She Manages the Mint!

On Monday Dr. Janet Yellen was confirmed by the Senate as the first woman in our nation’s 245 year history to be Secretary of the Treasury (a job many of us now know was first done by Alexander Hamilton, thank you musical theater). After I celebrated her nomination on Facebook, it was brought to myContinue reading “Lift up your Mojitos ‘Cause She Manages the Mint!”

#MoneyMonday – Kicking the Student Debt Can

President Biden got right to work after his inauguration, signing 17 executive orders on his first day in office. One of those puts a further hold on federal student debt payments until September. It is heartening to read the words from the order, “borrowers of all ages are often faced with a tough tradeoff betweenContinue reading “#MoneyMonday – Kicking the Student Debt Can”

#MoneyMonday – Economics of Equality

On Martin Luther King Jr Day, it feels irresponsible to post about anything other than the economic impact of systemic inequality. I’m sharing these graphics published by Citi this past September where they calculated that the differing treatment of white citizens over black citizens has cost our U.S. economy an estimated $16 trillion dollars overContinue reading “#MoneyMonday – Economics of Equality”

#MoneyMonday – When it’s time to stop treating’ yo self.

Did anyone else find themselves clicking “add to cart” a bit more often than normal the past couple (okay, nine) months? It’s actually a psychological phenomenon, where oftentimes we cope with sadness by buying shiny/new/fun things. I’ll admit I love the rush of hitting that buy button, tracking my package, and then ripping it openContinue reading “#MoneyMonday – When it’s time to stop treating’ yo self.”

#MoneyMonday – Glad that’s over

2020 was… um…well… it was a rollercoaster. The S&P 500 had a daily close up or down of at least 1% (illustrated by the bar chart below the line graph),  in 110 of this year’s 253 trading days, compared to just 38 days in 2019. That is what us financial nerds call Volatility. I thinkContinue reading “#MoneyMonday – Glad that’s over”

#MoneyMonday – High Flyers

With 3 trading days left in 2020, both of the top 2 performing stock of the S&P 500 are new additions this year. Claiming the top spot is newest newcomer Tesla with an eye-popping 675% price increase for the year. Number 2 is the company the S&P committee chose to add in September, Etsy, withContinue reading “#MoneyMonday – High Flyers”