Poverty Hits Women Harder

This chart right here is why I choose to focus Valkyrie Financial on women. Women live our entire lives at a money disadvantage. This chart doesn’t even tell the whole story; without Social Security, the number of elderly people living in poverty would be through the freaking roof. It’s my goal to help women spend,Continue reading “Poverty Hits Women Harder”

Get Ready for Revenge Spending

Let’s get ready to SPENNNDDDDDD! I hope you read that title in your best wrestle-mania announcer voice, because that’s the level of hype economists are expecting. Get ready to hear the phrase “Revenge Spending” as we all emerge from wherever we’ve been hiding over the past year-and-a-half. After not being able to do much, thereContinue reading “Get Ready for Revenge Spending”

10 Reasons Why You Should Use a Financial Advisor

TL;DR: Everyone should use a financial advisor. It’s a constant question: do I really need to pay for financial advice? I can totally search for any of this stuff on the internet, why would I spend money on my money? That just seems ridiculous. But — just like putting your symptoms into WebMD and inevitablyContinue reading “10 Reasons Why You Should Use a Financial Advisor”

It’s Birthday Cake Time!

Happy Birthday to the Dow Jones Industrial Average! 125 years young. What started as a 12-company index of industrial companies (hence the “Industrial” part of the Dow Jones Industrial Average) published on May 26, 1896 has grown into one of the most watched financial bellweathers in the world. It aims to represent the entire USContinue reading “It’s Birthday Cake Time!”

Federal Student Loan Debtors: Right Now, You Have Options

Student debt. UGH. Approximately 42 million Americans owe the federal government money for an education. It’s been a big talking point of politicians for a while, because it takes a big chunk of money out of the direct economy. Thankfully, legislators recognized that Americans getting crushed by the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns would not also beContinue reading “Federal Student Loan Debtors: Right Now, You Have Options”