Making It Count Podcast

Making It Count Podcast

Do you ever feel like you’re stumbling through your finances? You’re not alone. This is Making it Count, the podcast where we explore real ways to make your hard earned money work for you.

Join hosts Cristina, a working mom of two doing her best to save for their college and her retirement, and Will, a young professional trying to break the rent cycle, pay off student loans and navigate finances as a newlywed.

In this podcast, they’ll offer practical tips and insider tricks from local experts and share their own financial journeys all to empower you to accomplish your goals, too.


Welcome to season three, episode three of Making it Count, where hosts Cristina and Will learn how to spot and stop predatory lending in its tracks. Let’s talk about the differences between predatory lending and healthy lending. In this episode we hear from Shelby Lord, Addition Financial’s AVP Branch Manager at Forest City, and Sarah Paulson, CFP and Owner of Valkyrie Financial as they discuss the key signs of common predatory lending practices, how to recognize sketchy payday loans and what red flags to look out for in real estate lending.


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