#MoneyMonday – When it’s time to stop treating’ yo self.

Did anyone else find themselves clicking “add to cart” a bit more often than normal the past couple (okay, nine) months?

It’s actually a psychological phenomenon, where oftentimes we cope with sadness by buying shiny/new/fun things. I’ll admit I love the rush of hitting that buy button, tracking my package, and then ripping it open when it shows up on my doorstep. And I’ll willing to bet you do to. 

Buying things can also be a way to exert control over your environment. Who can forget the days of being a kid and being told you could buy something *if* you had your own money? Well, we’re adults now and it can feel sooo good to spend our own money. Entering your credit card digits becomes a small act of taking charge of your own life.

But with a fresh calendar, it might be time to examine your spending habits. It’s easy to go a little overboard during the holidays, and this year has been especially tricky thanks to online shopping. But the holidays are over, the pandemic has become a way of life, and it’s time to regain control of the tool that is your money. I see it all the time with my clients how quickly your mind can get out of touch with your money.

You may want to take an honest look at what you can afford spend (yes, the dreaded B word: Budget) and ask yourself if what you are buying is bringing the satisfaction you hope it will. Consider enforcing a bedtime for the buy button; studies have shown as the day wears on our will to resist wears down too. 

If you want an accountability partner, I’m here for you.

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